Drew Carey Reveals Why He Forgave His Ex-Girlfriend's Alleged Killer

Drew Carey Reveals Why He Forgave His Ex-Girlfriend's Alleged Killer
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Drew Carey, The Price is Right host, claims he has forgiven the purported murderer of his ex-fiancée, Gareth Pursehouse, who has been accused of murdering Amie Harwick in cold blood. Prior reports indicated that Mr. Pursehouse threw her off her balcony.

According to Page Six - who picked up on a pre-recorded interview on Wednesday with the hosts of The Talk - Carey took one week off to mourn his ex-fiancée's death because he could hardly function.

When he finally arrived back on set, they were filming an episode for Kid's Week, which permitted the opportunity to talk to high school students about Amie's unfortunate ending. Drew said he spoke to the kids about how he forgave the murderer of his ex-fiancée.

Carey says the moment he found out about it, he forgave him, for a couple of different reasons. For one, Drew explained, Gareth had a mental illness on account of physical abuse as a child. Drew said it was crucial to forgive people who have been treated horrendously as children.

The Price is Right host added that he wished Gareth never met her, but he did, and while he forgave the man, that doesn't mean he has to hang out with him or be his friend. Drew went on to say that it was important for people to understand the importance of forgiveness.

As it was previously reported, Harwick, who was well known in Hollywood as a sex therapist, was strangled and tossed off her third-floor balcony on the 15th of February. Pursehouse, a man she formerly dated, was charged with murder and residential burglary.

The alleged murderer is scheduled to appear in court on the 24th of June. During an episode of his SiriusXM radio show in February of this year, Drew shared that Amie was a great person who cared deeply about other people and loved helping them improve their lives.

Reportedly, the 41-year-old Pursehouse had been stalking and following her for ten years, and she was intensely afraid of the man. Just 72 hours later after his comments on SiriusXM, Carey went to her wake in Pennsylvania.

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