Does Christina Aguilera Need A New Stylist? — Report Says Her Fans Are Demanding Her Current One Be Fired

Does Christina Aguilera Need A New Stylist? — Report Says Her Fans Are Demanding Her Current One Be Fired
Credit: Source; Christina Aguilear/Xtina/Instagram

Christina Aguilera's fans have had it with her stylist, Karen Clarkson, and they are demanding she is fired after dressing the "What A Girl Wants" singer in what they are saying is one bad outfit too many. When it comes down to it, fashion is an artistic statement —and like beauty, everyone interprets and sees it differently. But for many of Christina's fans, there is no artistic interpretation left to be derived, they want these outfits gone and to see their queen get off worst-dressed lists and instead reign from her fashionably, fabulous throne.

Apparently, the final straw was Christina's American Music Awards outfit that left outraged fans sounding off on social media and demanding people hold stylist Karen Clarkson accountable.

Life & Style reported on the issue in their December 9, 2019, issue and says that even Christina isn't happy with the costumes she's been wearing on tour.

The article states the following.

"[Christina] was fine with the revealing outfits at first until she read the comments. Christina's the first to admit her body's changed after having two kids. She just wishes someone on her team would've spoken up, but nobody wanted to hurt her feelings."

Every time Christina performs or attends a fashion event, gala, or an awards show, the comments flood social media criticizing her look and fans are putting the blame solely on Karen Clarkson.

Here is an example of what one fan said after Christina Aguilera attended the AMAs.

Here is an example of one of Christina's looks created by stylist Karen Clarkson that has infuriated Christina's fans.

Fans are seeing red for Christina's outfits that some describe as "camp" and not worthy of the five-time Grammy winner.

Here is another look that left her fans horrified.

Karen Clarkson's Instagram page is full of photos of her clients wearing the outfits she's styled for them, but when it comes to Christina's fans, they simply aren't having it. They do not see any of the looks as artistic expression and don't understand why Christina is agreeing to wear the outfits.

What do you think? Do you agree with outraged fans who say it is time for Christina to get a new stylist?


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