DJ Jazzy Jeff Reveals He Barely Remembers 10 Days After Getting The Flu - It May Have Been COVID-19

DJ Jazzy Jeff Reveals He Barely Remembers 10 Days After Getting The Flu - It May Have Been COVID-19
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On Will Smith's Snapchat series, Will from Home, via Entertainment Tonight, DJ Jazzy Jeff shared his experiences fighting with the flu, which he thinks may have been the coronavirus. The 55-year-old DJ said to the host of the social media series that while he was coming home from a trip he began to notice flu-like symptoms.

According to Will Smith's longtime collaborator, he jumped into his bed and doesn't remember the following ten days. His temperature jumped up to around 103 degrees; he lost his sense of taste and smell, and he had the chills.

Jeff wasn't able to reveal whether he was sick with COVID-19 or not because he was only administered a regular flu test and not a test meant to diagnose the coronavirus. According to the DJ, when he went to the doctor's office, he got X-rays done and the doctor told him he had pneumonia in both lungs.

According to the DJ, a lot of people out there think the United States is about to end the coronavirus crisis, but he thinks it's just beginning.

Smith, who used to work with DJ Jazzy Jeff in the group, DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince, claimed that his wife called him up with "panic vibes" so he had to see how he was doing.

Smith went on to joke that he was thinking to himself, "I was like, 'not my DJ.'" While it's unclear of DJ Jazzy Jeff contracted the coronavirus, many other celebrities and entertainers gave gotten it and recovered, including Colton Underwood and several others.

It makes sense, considering performing artists and entertainers often travel a lot for their jobs. As it was previously reported, Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks were arguably the first celebrities to come out and publicly admit they contracted the virus.

Tom and his wife, from Australia, revealed they were quarantined in a hospital after getting the test due to coronavirus-like symptoms. They stayed there for approximately 2 weeks until they were finally released back to their native United States.

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