Dina Lohan Will Win Celebrity Big Brother Ousted Houseguest Jonathan Bennett Predicts

Dina Lohan Will Win Celebrity Big Brother Ousted Houseguest Jonathan Bennett Predicts
Credit: Source: CBS

The second season of Celebrity Big Brother is flying by with four celebrities already evicted, including Mean Girls star Jonathan Bennett. And, after he was voted off, Bennett appeared on The Domenick Nati Show to spill some tea about what goes on in the CBB house, and who he thinks will win.

Bennett was the first celebrity evicted from the house, and he was followed by Olympian Ryan Lochte  Blossom star Joey Lawrence, and the world’s most famous houseguest, Kato Kaelin.

Between the live feeds and the full episodes that air each week on CBS, Bennett says there is no such thing as “behind the scenes” with Big Brother. He does admit that things are “a lot more explosive and heated” than what fans see on the network.

During his interview, Bennett talked about the dynamic in the house this season, and he also explained what Lawrence meant in his exit interview about Lolo Jones running hot. Bennett said that because Jones has been in two Olympics, she is more competitive than most, and she wants to win. That can be a “little dicey and a little sticky” when you are living in a house with people who aren’t as competitive.

Of course, the big question is - who will this season of Celebrity Big Brother ?

“If Dina Lohan can make it to the final two, she will win,” said Bennett. “No one has anything bad to say about Dina Lohan. If she is in the final two, everyone will vote for Dina. So, I’m praying she makes it to the final two because that would be amazing.”

In addition to co-starring with Dina’s daughter Lindsay in Mean Girls , Bennett also grew up with the troubled actress, and he says that Dina is “like a mom” to him. Bennett says that most people don’t realize how kind and sweet Dina is, and she is really protective of her kids.

“She really wants the best for her kids. She’s loyal to a fault, and I think that’s one of the most beautiful things about her. She’s just a kind human being, and she wants to take care of everyone. And, it’s beautiful,” said Bennett.

As for Lindsay’s troubles, Bennett says there is only so much Dina can do, and sometimes you have to go through difficult things in order to come out on top.

Bennett added that Lindsey “literally just texted” him to talk about CBB. And, now that he is out, she is checking in often to talk about “what’s going on with momma.”

New episodes of Celebrity Big Brother air Thursday nights on CBS.


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