Danielle Staub And Her New Man File Restraining Order Against His Ex-Girlfriend

Danielle Staub And Her New Man File Restraining Order Against His Ex-Girlfriend
Credit: Source: CheatSheet.com

Reported first by Page Six, Danielle Staub and her new fiancé have reportedly been the subject of death threats online claims a new restraining order obtained by the publication.

Olivier Maier filed a restraining order against his ex-girlfriend, Gina Curko, in Englewood, New Jersey, on Tuesday, claims an insider. Olivier accused his ex-girlfriend of saying she would try and kill the couple, with the anonymous person saying she has been trying hard to get back together with Danielle's new fiancé.

The restraining order prohibits Gina Curko from speaking with either Danielle or Olivier. Reportedly, the trio is scheduled to appear in a court of law on the 25th of June, to determine if the restraining order should remain in place for the foreseeable future.

Interestingly, Danielle and Olivier haven't been without their problems either. According to a report from Us Magazine from back in March of this year, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star and Olivier split up and postponed their wedding.

Initially, Staub and Olivier were scheduled to get married in New York City at the Justice Of Peace on the 4th of March, however, they called it off and said they were no longer going to get married. Around that time, they had only dated for six weeks.

Another source who spoke with the outlet claimed the couple went shopping in the first week of March, but Maier didn't purchase a ring, despite the fact he was showing it off online. It was on the 28th of February when Olivier and Danielle first announced their engagement.

Danielle said to US Magazine before the wedding was called off that it was about time she got her love-life handled and started working on a new future with Mr. Maier. The reality star said she was stoked at the idea of a "new beginning," as well as looking forward to seeing what it would bring to her life.

Her engagement with Maier was just two weeks after she and Marty Caffrey got divorced following their intense romance. They broke up in September 2018 after just 16 weeks of marriage.


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