Danay Garcia From Fear The Walking Dead Says COVID-19 Pandemic Is Like The Apocalypse

Danay Garcia From Fear The Walking Dead Says COVID-19 Pandemic Is Like The Apocalypse
Credit: Source: DenOfGeek.com

The entire world is scared of the coronavirus, and if people aren't fearful about the effects of COVID-19, they're worried about the aftermath of a worldwide economic stand-still, like what the United States and other countries are going through right now.

During a recent interview with Page Six, Danay Garcia, the actress who portrays Luciana Galvez on AMC's Fear The Walking Dead , explained that she was more scared of the COVID-19 virus than the prospect of fighting zombies.

Unfortunately, the star claims her role in the popular zombie series has done nothing to prepare her for a real-life apocalypse. According to Garcia, whenever fans see her in reality, they always ask her how she would "escape the store" in an apocalypse situation.

The 35-year-old television star explained that, "and in a way, it's happening right now," after claiming she rarely thinks in such a manner. The Fear The Walking Dead alum went on to add that a person would have to constantly think about the steps ahead of oneself in an apocalypse.

While the situation on Fear The Walking Dead is ultimately extremely different from what's going on in the world right now, Garcia explained that there is a commonality between the two scenarios. The actress says the importance of collaboration between people is equally as significant in both circumstances.

As fans of the show know, FTWD was in the middle of finishing its sixth season when the coronavirus ripped through the country and halted production on many different series . Garcia is still staying in Texas.

According to Garcia, going from one extreme to the next has been challenging. Explained in another way, Danay has gone from working tirelessly on a TV series, to being in social-isolation for the sake of thwarting the spread of COVID-19.

As for what she's been up to now, Garcia says she's been skyping with some of her friends and meeting her neighbors. Garcia joked that everyone always asks her how she's going to prepare if things got real bad, and she never knows the answer.


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