Da Baby Denies Recent Explicit Photo Leak Was Him - Says He Doesn't Do That

Da Baby Denies Recent Explicit Photo Leak Was Him - Says He Doesn't Do That
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Earlier this weekend, rapper, DaBaby, was trending on the internet regarding a batch of leaked nude photos, however, according to the breakout artist, they weren't of him. Refinery29 reports that DaBaby, whose real name is Jonathan Kirk, claimed there was nothing to see.

On his Twitter account this Sunday morning, the rapper shut down the rumors by stating simply that he doesn't send nude photos to people - ever. As most know, there have been other celebs to experience nude photo leaks as well, however, in both cases, it's looking like the pictures aren't actually of them.

As it was previously reported, A$AP Rocky was identified in a sex tape as well on Thursday. However, A$AP Rocky later came out and jokingly stated that he has always done a good job in the bedroom, despite claims to the contrary.

Additionally, a nude photo leak also came out on Friday which appeared to show Steph Curry, the famous basketball player. However, even his wife, Ayesha Curry, appeared not convinced at all, later joking about his "eggplant."

In a statement to The Daily Mail, Curry denied the photos were his. As most know, this is just one of many instances of celebrities having their personal data leaked on to the internet. In some cases, women have even gone to trial over what's been dubbed, revenge porn, which is now legislated by California law.

Mischa Barton, formerly of the popular television show, The OC, went to court regarding her ex-boyfriend, who secretly filmed their sexual encounters and tried to shop them around to porn companies in Hollywood.

According to Mischa from a later interview, it was obvious that it was him because Hollywood is a small place, and everyone knows each other in the industry. In other cases, celebrities have actually benefited from leaked content.

For instance, it has been widely held by social media users over the years that Kim Kardashian's sex-tape helped further her career in reality television. Around the same time as Keeping Up With The Kardashians , Kim's sex-tape was released. She later filed a suit against Vivid Entertainment who distributed it.

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