Counting On - Jill Duggar Proves Jim Bob's Rules Don't Apply Anymore Amid Rumors She's Feuding With Her Parents

Counting On - Jill Duggar Proves Jim Bob's Rules Don't Apply Anymore Amid Rumors She's Feuding With Her Parents
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Former Counting On star Jill Duggar was a vocal supporter of her her parents Jim Bob and Michelle’s modest dress code when she was growing up on 19 Kids & Counting . But, as soon as she got married and became a mom, Jill started rebelling and embraced a new style - complete with jeans, high heels, and even a nose piercing. Now, Jill is wearing a new piece of clothing that Jim Bob would never approve of.

On Thanksgiving day, Jill revealed on Instagram that she was partnering with cousin Amy Duggar to model clothes from her 3130 Clothing boutique. And, the first couple of pics she posted to promote the new partnership surprised a lot fans.

Not only was Jill wearing Converse sneakers and ripped jeans in one photo with Cousin Amy where they both showed off sherpa sweaters, but she also posted a solo pic that featured her wearing tight leather leggings.

“That outfit is perfect for date night! You’re on FIRE GIRL,” commented a fan, and another added, “Those leather pants look amazing on you!”

A third fan chimed in with “Whooo, Jilly! That’s one sexy muffin! 😂 I need those leather pants!!” And, Cousin Amy had to get in on the conversation by noting that Jill looked “gorgeous.”

While Jill and Amy are still close and have entered into a business partnership together, rumors have swirled for a long time that Jill and her controversial husband Derick Dillard have been feuding with Jill’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle.

Not only did Derick call out Jim Bob on social media for negotiating everyone’s TLC contracts without telling them - which apparently profited the network and the Duggar patriarch and left out the kids - but he also said that TLC should “lawyer up” because a “storm is inevitable."

And in a surprise move, Jill and Derick didn’t spend Thanksgiving with her large family despite living nearby.

Jill ditched her parents and siblings for a “Friendsgiving,” and she posted some pics from the holiday on her Instagram. She wrote in the caption that the day started with a “parade, forts, and turkey in the oven.”

Fans immediately started asking why Jill wasn’t with her parents, and one fan posited that Jill and Derick don’t talk to Jim Bob and Michelle.

“I don’t think they talk to her parents,” wrote the fan. “They had a falling out. I think it’s so sad! I love her parents!!”

On Black Friday, Jill posted again and said that she had a wonderful Friendsgiving and her sons Israel and Samuel had “so much fun playing.” However, Jill Duggar never answered questions from fans about why she didn’t spend the holiday at Jim Bob and Michelle’s house.

New episodes of Counting On air Tuesday nights on TLC.


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