Colin Firth And His Wife Of Over 2 Decades Divorce Amid Her Supposed Affair

Colin Firth And His Wife Of Over 2 Decades Divorce Amid Her Supposed Affair
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You may have heard the news but it looks like there is more to the story! Colin Firth and wife, Livia Giuggioli released a statement in which they announced their separation after more than 2 decades of being married!

But what could have led to the two getting a divorce after 22 years? – Allegedly, Livia had an affair with a journalist!

One rep for the former pair shared via People Magazine that ‘Colin and Livia have separated. They maintain a close friendship and they remain united in their love for their kids. They kindly ask for privacy. There'll be no further comment.’

Colin and Livia share two sons together – 18 year old Luca and 16 year old Matteo.

At this point, there's no official explanation as to why they split but they did end things back in 2015, in private!

Soon after, she entered a relationship with a former friend – journalist Marco Brancaccia, whom she hated for 11 months.

Afterwards, Livia and Colin supposedly got back together.

In May of last year, the pair claimed that the journalist would continuously harass them with texts and emails.

On the other hand, the journalist used the publication he was employed by, ANSA, to deny the allegations, saying that Colin and Lisa had actually been over for years and that they were in love.

‘My ‘stalking’ consisted of 2 messages via WhatsApp after she ended our relationship in 2016, and an email. I wrote one email to Colin about my relationship with Livia, which now I regret sending as she filed a complaint against me for stalking them out of fear I could go public with what she'd revealed to me about her marriage and her work. In a year she sent me hundreds of love messages, pictures and videos, even a diary,’ he dished.

Brancaccia also mentioned that Colin was pretty understanding.

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