Ciara Was Beautiful In Blue Balmain As American Music Awards Host

Ciara Was Beautiful In Blue Balmain As American Music Awards Host
Credit: Source: American Music Awards/Instagram

Ciara hosted the American Music Awards and she pulled out all the stops when it came to her Red Carpet look. Ciara wore an electric blue, Balmain suit with a jeweled, and metallic harness. She looked divine on the Red Carpet but she also drew plenty of praise and attention for her hair and makeup. Celebrity wigmaker and hairstylist César DeLeön Ramirêz shared multiple photos of Ciara as she prepared for the big night and fans couldn't help but notice how gorgeous Ciara's hair was.  Ciara's hair was to her lower back, parted in the middle and flowed past her waist. The electric blue colors of the Balmain jacket was perfectly complemented by the hair charms César used, as well as the tones of her makeup.

Ciara wore her hair in loose waves, as opposed to it being straight. The wavy look was gorgeous on her and flowed with the lines of the oversized jacket as well as the intricate detailing of the harness she wore.  It's doubtful straight hair would have the same effect as the wavy look and the Internet couldn't stop talking about Ciara's Red Carpet appearance.

You may see the photos that César shared on his official Instagram account, where he not only spoke about Ciara's hair but talked about the products he used to create the look.

In addition to electric blue, Ciara's look featured plenty of turquoise stones. The combination was exquisite and she had turquoise in the harness as well as her jewelry. The harness culminated in a large circular turquoise stone that gave the outfit a bohemian or even Native American feel.

Ciara wore the outfit with matching blue slacks that flared out at the ends.

You may see a video of Ciara walking the American Music Awards Red Carpet in the video player below.

Most striking was Ciara's makeup which was done by her friend and celebrity makeup artist Yolanda Frederick. Yolanda used Pat McGrath's products on Ciara's eyes and shared photos with an explanation of how she created Ciara's look.

You may see those photos below.

What do you think about Ciara's American Music Awards Red Carpet look? Did you like the Balmain suit and jeweled harness?

Did you watch the American Music Awards? What was your favorite outfit Ciara wore throughout the show?


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