Carson Daly Reveals He And Wife Siri Don't Sleep In The Same Bed After 'Sleep Divorcing' Last Year

Carson Daly Reveals He And Wife Siri Don't Sleep In The Same Bed After 'Sleep Divorcing' Last Year
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Today show anchor Carson Daly and his wife, Siri, are the happily married parents of four children. And, Carson recently revealed one of the secrets to his and Siri’s successful relationship: they don’t sleep in the same bed.

Carson says that he and Siri began “sleep divorcing” last fall when she was pregnant with baby number four, and they have loved the arrangement so much that they have zero plans to sleep in the same bedroom anytime in the near future.

“We're both pretty good-sized humans and it just wasn't really working when she was in her third trimester, and I also have sleep apnea, which is very sexy for the ladies out there, I'm sure,” Carson told People magazine. “She couldn't get comfortable, so we were like a commercial you would see, kicking each other and just not sleeping.”

Carson added: “We woke up and we just shook hands like, ‘I love you, but it's time to sleep divorce. It'll be the best thing for all of us.’”

After the couple welcomed their daughter Goldie in March, they continued their sleep divorce because of Carson’s schedule with the Today Show . The family moved to California briefly so Carson could finish shooting the latest season of The Voice . That puts him three hours behind when it comes to the Today Show , which is on Eastern time.

Carson’s wake up call for Today is at 3:00 am when he is in California. He says he is purposely not sleeping in the same room as Siri and Goldie because he doesn’t want to wake them up so early in the morning.

Carson explained that he and Siri are still sleep divorced, but “for discernibly different reasons.” At this point, the father of four jokes that he isn’t sure if he and Siri will ever sleep together again.

The 46-year-old talked about his new sleeping arrangements back in November on Today , and he said that it has allowed for him and Siri to get more sleep. Carson says that being rested can help your relationship.

In addition to daughter Goldlie, Carson Daly also shares daughters London Rose, 5, and Etta Jones, 7, plus son Jackson James, 11, with Siri. He says that he and Siri might try sleeping together again, but their “triumphant sleep return” would have to happen “on a Friday” when he doesn’t have to “wake up the next day” at three o’clock in the morning.

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