Candace Cameron Bure Has Confusing Reaction To People Slamming Lori Loughlin's Short Prison Sentence

Candace Cameron Bure Has Confusing Reaction To People Slamming Lori Loughlin's Short Prison Sentence
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A social media user thought the punishment Lori Loughlin got for her involvement in the Varsity Blues scandal was not nearly long enough. As you might know, the actress was sentenced to two months behind bars.

That being said, Candace Cameron Bure, was quick to react to the critic’s post, causing fans to be quite confused about her reaction.

The Fuller House star replied to the comment and no one was really sure what exactly she meant!

It all started with Entertainment Tonight sharing the news of the sentencing via their IG, prompting many to take to the comment section to share their reactions.

Naturally, several thought the sentence was far too short but one in particular grabbed Candace’s attention.

‘They should have 4 years each for the college kids that should have gotten in – ugh,’ the user argued, referring to Lori and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli.

As for Candace’s reaction, she simply replied with a sad face emoji so, as you can imagine, people did not know what to think!

What could she have meant? Was she sad about the college kids losing their chances to go to college because of her or about people being too harsh on Lori and her husband and thinking they should be punished more than they already are?

One curious fan tagged Candace, hoping to find an answer to their question: ‘Why did you put that emoji in @candacebure?’

While the Full House and Fuller House actress did not reply, another fan did, speculating that: ‘I would imagine that she put that emoji there because Lori's been a part of her life for a long time… it'd be painful for anyone to see their friend go to jail… regardless of circumstances!’

Indeed, Candace has mentioned before that her on-screen aunt will always be family to her in real life as well, no matter what!

‘It’s too personal to us, and we'd never want to talk about someone that is such a dear, close friend. I have already said that we're family, and we stand by and pray for each other, and we will always be there for each other.’


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