Bryan Cranston Says He Was 'One Of The Lucky Ones' Following COVID-19 Battle

Bryan Cranston Says He Was 'One Of The Lucky Ones' Following COVID-19 Battle
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Bryan Cranston is warning people about the coronavirus. He thinks it's not something to play with. Page Six learned today that the Breaking Bad alum recently struggled through a bout with COVID-19, claiming on his IG account that despite his best efforts, he managed to contract the novel coronavirus.

On his IG account today, the actor shared how he was among the individuals in the United States of America who had been working hard at following the appropriate protocols to avoid catching COVID-19.

He wrote he was "one of the lucky ones" who managed to make it out alive. Cranston went on to say in his social media post that he understands how a lot of people out there are likely feeling a lack of patience at the moment.

They want to go back to their usual lives, however, Cranston says it's of utmost importance to "keep wearing the d*mn mask." The 64-year-old Breaking Bad alum went on to say that it was crucial to continue washing one's hands and staying away from other people.

According to Bryan, he suffered from the coronavirus not that long ago, and he included a video in which he was donating some of his anti-body positive plasma for scientific purposes, including research and development for the vaccine.

Reportedly, Bryan sat through an hour-long procedure at UCLA's Blood and Plasma Donation Center. Bryan isn't the only star to contract the coronavirus either.

One of the first celebrities, if not the first, was Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson , who both contracted COVID-19 while filming a movie about Elvis Presley in Australia. The pair of celebs shared their COVID-19-positive diagnosis around the same time as the coronavirus started making its way through the United States.

And similar to Cranston, Tom Hanks used his massive platform to discuss the importance of following the protocols surrounding the virus, including the act of wearing a mask, washing one's hands, and social distancing.

Celebrity public service announcements, however, rarely have the intended effects. Working-class protestors have argued that the lockdowns and social distancing orders will do more damage than the coronavirus itself, especially regarding the economy.

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