"Boyz N The Hood" Director John Singleton's Memorial And Funeral Dates Revealed

"Boyz N The Hood" Director John Singleton's Memorial And Funeral Dates Revealed
Credit: Source: TylerNicholas.com

According to a report from ABC News, there has been an "intimate" and personal funeral scheduled for the Boyz N The Hood director, John Singleton, who passed away at the age of 51-years-old following a massive stroke that left him clinging to life.

The funeral will be on Monday, claims his family in a statement to multiple outlets. Following his fall into ill-health, John was left in the hospital recuperating from a very serious stroke, and his family had to make the decision to take him off of life support on the 29th of April.

Reportedly, another memorial was planned for the upcoming weeks. The purpose of the ceremony is to "celebrate" the director's life, including his many successes, one being the culturally significant and milestone film, Boyz N The Hood.

Back in 1991, Singleton was the very first black director to receive the nomination for Best Director category for the film. The movie was his debut in the industry, before going on to making other movies like Poetic Justice as well as Higher Learning.

Mr. Singleton worked with legendary performers at the beginning of their careers, including Regina King and Cuba Gooding Junior, both of which went on to more mainstream movies later on. Recently, King was nominated and won the award for Best Supporting Actress.

Cuba Good Junior, as well, went on to big-name movies including Jerry Maguire, where he played the NFL player. Interestingly, it was the career of Regina which has grown so much bigger in comparison, with Cuba Gooding Junior receiving considerably fewer roles in the last two decades.

Mr. Singleton, while he created one of the most iconic movies of all time, especially for African-Americans, Singleton didn't continue making movies that went on to similar success.

Coincidentally, one of the stars in Boyz N The Hood , Jessie Lawrence Ferguson, also passed away at his home recently. Mr. Ferguson died after starring as the corrupt police officer in the seminal movie. He, like Singleton, is most remembered for his work in the 1991 flick.


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