George RR Martin Reveals There Are Not One But Five GOT-Related HBO Series Coming Up

George RR Martin Reveals There Are Not One But Five GOT-Related HBO Series Coming Up
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According to a report from Deadline, George R. R. Martin just confirmed that his series, Game Of Thrones , has not one but five different successors coming on HBO. On his official blog, the writer of the influential franchise said work was proceeding "nicely" on three new series over at HBO's studios.

However, the writer cautioned people from speculating too much on the future of the series. "Internet reports are notoriously unreliable," the writer proclaimed. The Game Of Thrones creator said there are currently five productions in development, three of which are "moving forward nicely."

In the midst of discussing the shows, George R.R. Martin said his fans should pick up his book, Fire And Blood, and come up with their own theories for what will happen.

Mr. Bob Greenblatt, who just recently came upon the position as chairman of WarnerMedia Entertainment as well as Direct-To-Consumer, said to Deadline there have been several discussions regarding other series related to the Game Of Thrones universe.

As followers of the show know, the last season just began, and the cultural zeitgeist since then has been Game Of Thrones-obsessed. Deadline claims that Fire And Blood , Martin's aforementioned novel, takes place approximately three hundred years before the events of Game Of Thrones.

Starting in 2011, Game Of Thrones has become one of television's most popular shows, perhaps, even one of the most viewed of all time. Among its cast, are Peter Dinklage, Kit Harrington, Sophie Turner, as well as Emilia Clarke, all entertainers whose star power has exploded since starring in HBO's fantasy-drama.

According to the Wikipedia Page of Game Of Thrones, the series has brought in record numbers for HBO. Reported by The Guardian in 2014, the outlet listed Game Of Thrones as easily the most talked-about series on television.

Moreover, it has received critical acclaim from prestigious and long-running outlets including The Hollywood Reporter, Time Magazine, as well as The Washington Post. While HBO will certainly acquire viewers from the "spin-off" series, it's doubtful the following productions will ever capture the same energy as the original.


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