Bill Murray Claims He Was Surprised To Figure Out He Actually 'Likes' Selena Gomez

Bill Murray Claims He Was Surprised To Figure Out He Actually 'Likes' Selena Gomez
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According to a report from Page Six, Bill Murray wasn't entirely sure he and Selena Gomez would get along. Mr. Murray, who co-stars alongside the 26-year-old pop-star said to People Magazine at The Dead Don't Die 's film premiere that she proved him wrong.

The 68-year-old said, "I learned that I like her," adding he was initially uncertain because he had a preconception of what she'd be like, on account of her millions of Instagram followers. Murray said she ended up being quite a bit different than he thought.

"I enjoyed her very much," the actor remarked, adding, "I like her very much." Moreover, the star said he enjoyed her company so much so that he would've introduced her to his mother had she not died back in 1988, 31 years ago.

Murray jokingly went through the hypothetical conversation, telling his mother that she has to meet the "Wolves" singer. During the Cannes Film Festival, Murray praised Selena once again, saying to Vanity Fair that he "really likes" her.

The comedic legend described her as natural and as a "legend." Perhaps, the trials and tribulations Selena endured over the years humbled her so much so that she would get along well with the Zombieland alum. Previously, Selena had to undergo a kidney transplant, an organ which was provided to her by a very close friend.

Reportedly, Selena has been dealing with the fact her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber just got married to Hailey Baldwin in September of 2018 in a private ceremony. Yesterday, it was reported by Todd Malm that Selena had actually deleted every post of her and Bieber on her respective social media accounts.

Moreover, prior reports indicated Justin's marriage to the supermodel was one of the crucial reasons for her entrance into a mental health wellness center earlier in the year.

Bill Murray is no stranger to romantic trouble either. Bill was married twice, once to Margaret Kelly for fifteen years, and again to Jennifer Butler, whom he divorced 11 years ago in 2008. Murray has six children.

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