Bill Cosby Blames #MeToo 'Hysteria' For His Incarceration

Bill Cosby Blames #MeToo 'Hysteria' For His Incarceration
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Bill Cosby won't go down without a fight. BET reports that the former comedian, who was once a legend in the entertainment industry, is now trying to take his case to the Supreme Court in Pennsylvania.

Bill is serving a 3-10-year prison sentence at the moment for allegedly drugging and assaulting Andrea Constand, who was the basketball coach at Temple University back in 2004. On his IG account, on agent on Bill's behalf released a statement in which his team blamed the "hysteria" surrounding the #MeToo movement for his conviction and subsequent incarceration.

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Reportedly, Bill and his legal team will try and take the case to the Supreme Court for them to review how the cultural circumstances of the #MeToo movement may have negatively impacted how the justice system functioned in his particular case.

The Instagram letter explained one crucial detail of the case: the fact that women were allowed to air their sexual assault allegations in court, despite many of them being decades-old and never proven. The statement claims Bill was stripped of his Due Process rights in addition to the presumption of innocence - both essential rights of US citizens.

You can check out the Instagram post below:

It was argued by Bill and his legal team that the jury never should've heard the stories of other women, considering it wasn't directly related to the case at hand.

As followers of the case know, the 82-year-old stand-up comic has been accused of sexual harassment, rape, and assault, by a plethora of women over the last 5 years. Previously, Bill said that when he comes up for parole, they would never hear him say he had remorse.

Bill Cosby's reputation was first called into question on a grand scale back in 2014 when a stand-up skit from Hannibal Burress went viral on YouTube. In the past, Bill once came under fire for telling young black-Americans to pull up their pants, which Hannibal referenced in his routine. Buress pointed out the hypocrisy of such criticism.

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