Ashley Graham Talks Cheryl Tiegs Backlash For Her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover

Ashley Graham Talks Cheryl Tiegs Backlash For Her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover
Credit: Source: Ashley Graham/Instagram

Ashley Graham appeared on Naomi Campbell's YouTube show and discussed some backlash that she received from fellow model Cheryl Tiegs when she covered Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit issue. Everyone knows Ashley Graham for her body positivity and her outspokenness about being a plus-sized model and landing the cover of Sports Illustrated was a dream come true for Ashley. The year was 2016 and Ashley was the very first plus-size model ever to grace the special edition. Not everyone was excited to see Ashley there. Some felt that Ashley's size (she's a 16) was "too large" to be on the cover as they felt it made a negative statement. When the issue hit newsstands, several people shared their critical opinions on social media, including former model Cheryl Tiegs who is now 72-years-old. Of course, in Cheryl's day, a plus-size model never would have landed magazine covers but Cheryl's comments about Ashley didn't go over well.

In fact, Cheryl's comments caused so much controversy and outrage, she had to issue a public apology!

Ashley didn't call out Cheryl by name when she spoke to Naomi Campbell, but everyone knew who she was speaking about.

"You know what, Naomi, actually it was right after that [Sports Illustrated] cover that I met you. It was at the CFDAs and we were walking onto a red carpet. We had just had a quick conversation because there was another model who was so upset that I had gotten the cover and she said I was very large and that women my size should not be on the cover."

You may see Ashley Graham's video interview with Naomi Campbell in the player below.

When Cheryl Tiegs first made the comments, she sparked outrage nationwide. Cheryl stated the following.

"I don't like that we're talking about full-figured women because it's glamorizing them because your waist should be smaller than 35 [inches]."

Cheryl made it abundantly clear that she didn't think Ashley Graham could be healthy at her size. Ashley has stated that she works out on a regular basis and is in fact, healthy.

Here is the tweet that Cheryl Tiegs shared issuing an apology after the controversy.

Were you surprised to hear that Ashley Graham was hurt by Cheryl Tiegs' comments?

Do you agree with Cheryl? Is Ashley Graham unhealthy because she is plus size?


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