Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Says He And His Wife Could Both Be 'Patient Zero' For The Coronavirus In The US

Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Says He And His Wife Could Both Be 'Patient Zero' For The Coronavirus In The US
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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak thinks that he or his wife Janet could be “patient zero” for the spread of the coronavirus in the United States. The tech legend revealed his concerns on Twitter because both he and his wife suffered from the worst flu of their lives after returning from a trip to China in January.

Woz tweeted that Janet had a “bad cough” that started on January 4th, but neither he nor Janet were tested for the coronavirus. He told USA Today that after returning home from China both he and Janet had a severe cough and horrible sore throats. He added that they ended up cancelling numerous appearances in Las Vegas after he lost his voice.

"We canceled everything else to head home, but I couldn’t move out of bed for two days. I did tell everyone that I was sick and stayed away from almost all in Vegas," revealed Wozniak.

He also tweeted that he had the right symptoms and had been in Hong Kong at the right time, but could never get a test.

The 69-year-old explained that Janet was “coughing up blood,” and when they went to the hospital they were told that it “was no American flu.” However, they were not able to be tested for the coronavirus at the time because there was no test for COVID-19 then.

Wozniak claims that if their return from Southeast Asia would have happened today, they would have certainly been tested and quarantined because of their symptoms. He said that because it happened in January, it wasn’t treated as important.

Wozniak also revealed that he contacted the Center for Disease Control to let them know about his experience, but they only replied with a form letter telling him and his wife to wash their hands.

By the time there was a test for COVID-19, Wozniak says that it could only be done through the CDC. But, they wouldn’t test him and Janet because they were well past their symptoms.

Steve Wozniak admits that his claim to be “patient zero” was kind of a joke. And, he also noted that the major gastrointestinal symptoms that he and Janet suffered weren’t symptoms associated with coronavirus.

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