Anti-Donald Trump Republican Nicolle Wallace Is Dating Michael S. Schmidt Amid Divorce Rumors From Husband, Mark

Anti-Donald Trump Republican Nicolle Wallace Is Dating Michael S. Schmidt Amid Divorce Rumors From Husband, Mark
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It looks like even more exciting relationships are developing around MSNBC, with one more revelation coming out recently.

This time, it was about Nicolle Wallace, who is now apparently going out with Michael S. Schmidt.

Wallace is currently going through a divorce with her husband, and it looks like she is over the relationship for good at this point, judging by her newfound interest.

The relationship has already seen some attention from multiple sides, and many have expressed admiration for the couple.

Wallace, who previously co-hosted The View, has not mentioned anything about her soon-to-be ex-husband, Mark Wallace.

Mr. Wallace himself could not be reached for comment, despite some members of the press attempting to get his side of the story.

This is not the first time the media industry is hearing of a potential spark between Wallace and Schmidt, as the two were previously spotted together on at least one occasion.

However, that is the first close-to official confirmation of their relationship.

Some are speculating that the two may have been dating for long, but have chosen to keep things under wraps until now.

That would make sense given the sensitive nature of Wallace’s divorce.

At the same time, Wallace did not seem embarrassed or anything along those lines regarding her new relationship, so that speculation is questionable as well.

At any rate, many people have shared their kind thoughts about the new couple, and have wished them a successful relationship.

Given the public status of both people, observers are likely going to find out more about things between them sooner or later.

Wallace, a big name in politics and frequent critic of President Donald Trump, had some harsh words about the leader of the free world.

She once said: "I watch enough History Channel to know that they cheered at Hitler, too. The Republican Party sucks, but you can still find non-criminal Republicans."

The non-practicing Republican added: "This Republican Party is unrecognizable to me. Non-practicing to me means not voting for Republicans if this is what it looks like, but I’m not embarrassed to share a political party with John McCain or the 41st president or 43rd president. That’s about it. I’m trying to think if there’s anyone else."

Wallace seems to be going through many changes.

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