Akon Receives Support After Addressing Tekashi 69's 'Snitching' Situation

Akon Receives Support After Addressing Tekashi 69's 'Snitching' Situation
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Akon recently made Tekashi 69's fans jump for joy when he defended the young rapper. As you probably know by now, Tekashi is now at home due to the whole coronavirus situation and he's serving there the rest of his sentence.

Anyway, check out the video that The Shade Room posted in which Akon addresses the 'snitching' issue that's floating around 69.

He offered fans a different perspective of the fact that Tekashi collaborated with the Feds. He said that his friends should have never put him in a position to 'snitch' to begin with.

Akon opened up about his relationship with the young rapper calling him his ‘lil man.’

He also offered his own perspective on things and said the following: 'He had to literally decide, ‘What’s more valuable to me?’ My family or my future.'

Akon added, 'You have to make a decision that’s going to better you.' You can check out the video below to learn more about what Akon had to say.

Someone said: 'Those were never his homies though so they weren’t going to do that. They tried to kill this man. He owed them no loyalty.'

Another commenter pointed out: 'The only celebrity that’s ever talked sense about this situation 👏' and one otheer person said that 'Half the people with so much to say would’ve snitched just like him.'

One other follower also agreed with this and said: 'agreed. too young to throw his life away for his “friends.”'

Someone else posted: 'His own people turned against him. Beat him and stole his money. He wasn’t apart of no gang. They owned him lol.'

One follower does not agree with Akon and explained that Tekashi should not have entered a gang: 'TF is he talking about?? He should have never been in a gang to begin with. Make dumb decisions win dumb prizes.'

What do you think about what Akon had to say?

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