50 Cent Slams Floyd Mayweather After He Shares Picture Of His New Alleged Beard Transplant

50 Cent Slams Floyd Mayweather After He Shares Picture Of His New Alleged Beard Transplant
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Whenever Floyd Mayweather finds himself in the entertainment news circuit, you can expect Curtis Jackson - AKA 50 Cent - to at least say something. Fans of the rapper know he and Floyd were once friends, however, it quickly turned sour for reasons that aren't entirely clear.

Of course, 50 Cent has been in the headlines for his remarks related to other public figures, including last year in November when he touched on Naturi Naughton 's hairline. She and 50 Cent co-star on the popular Starz program, Power.

50 Cent also found himself in trouble when he made remarks about the Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion foot-shooting controversy (which went down over the summer months in the middle of quarantine lockdown).

And now, 50 Cent is in the headlines for his comments on Floyd Mayweather 's reported hair and beard transplant. The boxer supposedly got hair plugs on his face and head so he can grow not only a beard but luscious locks to go with it.

Reportedly, 50 Cent posted a picture of Mayweather's new beard and haircut via his 26 million followers. Hot New Hip Hop says the rapper soon deleted the photo not long after he first posted it, however.

According to the outlet, 50 Cent re-posted the picture on his account along with the caption saying how the boxer had taken "hair from his a**" and put it on his face. The rapper added six crying laughing emojis to go along with it.

Many people were able to get a screenshot of 50 Cent's post shortly before he deleted it. As you may or may not know, Floyd's new beard and hair combination has been on the topic of many people on social media.

For example, the popular PED and hair loss YouTuber, More Plates More Dates , did a YouTube video last month in which he explored the rumors of Floyd Mayweather's alleged hair transplant.

Additionally, Floyd has been in the headlines for his daughter, Yaya, who reportedly broke it off with NBA Young Boy and has since been hanging around Yo Gotti.

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