Logan Paul Aggressively Says That He Would Beat Floyd Mayweather In A Real 'Street Fight'

Logan Paul Aggressively Says That He Would Beat Floyd Mayweather In A Real 'Street Fight'
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During a new conversation with TMZ reporters, Logan Paul , the YouTuber who has been training as a boxer for the last few years, claimed he could take out Floyd Mayweather Junior in a real "street fight" easily if he really wanted too.

Fans of the media personality know Logan has been participating in boxing matches with other YouTubers. Even though Logan hasn't won a lot in the ring, he has stated out loud on a number of occasions that he could take out people like Floyd Mayweather.

While speaking to TMZ, Logan noted how much taller he was than Floyd Mayweather , how he had 40 pounds on him and was also half his age. Logan joked that he could "snap" Mayweather in half if he really wanted to.

Logan said to the outlet that he could take out Floyd Mayweather without a problem in a real fight, but obviously if he were to fight him in a boxing match, he might lose.


The Youtuber then went on to say that he would be interested in fighting Floyd Mayweather anywhere, anytime. He said it didn't matter much to him, because he would win in the end, unless it was in a boxing match, which would mean Floyd would probably have a big advantage.

When Floyd caught wind of what Logan Paul had to say, the boxer recalled the time he fought Conor McGregor . Floyd beat Conor in a boxing match in which Conor wasn't allowed to use any other techniques from his MMA background.

Floyd wrote on his account that these "YouTube girls better find some Barbie dolls to play with" because he's not interested in playing childish games. In case you missed it, the fight between Floyd and Conor was one of the most-watched matches of all time, and it was certainly a massive draw for the UFC.


Since then, both Conor and Floyd have expressed interest over the idea of having a rematch, but McGregor has since retired. Earlier this year, Dana White said he wasn't thinking about a rematch between the two fighters because Conor told him he was out.

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