Woody Allen Takes Amazon To Court Over Breach Of Contract - He Wants $68 Million

Woody Allen Takes Amazon To Court Over Breach Of Contract - He Wants $68 Million
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Woody Allen is gearing up for serious litigation against Amazon Studios, claims a report from Fox News. The acclaimed - but controversial - director is asking for $68,000,000 due to an illegal breach of contract on the part of Jeff Bezos' billion-dollar company.

The streamer supposedly backed out of the four-picture deal due to a 25-year-old "baseless allegations," Alan's statement read. Allen claims that Amazon refuses to release the movie he just made with them, A Rainy Day In New York , despite the fact it has been complete for more than six months.

Furthermore, the suit claims that Amazon has merely given "vague reasons" for dropping the movie. They also failed to keep up with their contractual obligation to fund and create three other movies involving the director.

As it was previously reported, Dylan Farrow, for many many years has claimed that Allen abused her when she was a child. Dylan's mother is Mia Farrow, who is the mother of Ronan Farrow as well, however, rumors have circulated for years that Ronan is actually the son of Frank Sinatra and not Woody.

Reportedly, the suit which was obtained by Fox News claims that executives from Amazon, Jason Ropell and Matt Newman, met with the director's representatives in 2017 just as the #MeToo movement was increasing in energy.

The suit alleges that Amazon had endured "reputation harm" as a result of collaborating with Woody Allen. Additionally, with the downfall of Harvey Weinstein and Roy Price, who formerly served as the Amazon Studios head, the giant conglomeration has begun back-tracking on some of the already-inflicted reputational damage.

A little over a year ago in January of 2018, Ajay Patel, the general counsel of the organization, stated they had to delay the release of Woody's latest movie until 2019, which Allen was fine with at the time.

Right now, Allen is seeking at least $68 million in compensation for the botched deals arising from the loss of four movies. He's also aiming to retrieve the attorney and damage fees.

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