Ryan Seacrest's GF Shayna Taylor Reveals How They First Came To Know Each Other

Ryan Seacrest's GF Shayna Taylor Reveals How They First Came To Know Each Other
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According to a report from Entertainment Tonight, the story of how Shayna Taylor and Ryan Seacrest met is very romantic. During an interview with Good Housekeeping, Ms. Taylor shared how she was introduced to the 44-year-old television host in an LA restaurant in 2013.

Taylor recalled in the interview that Ryan was really interested in speaking with her, and he just happened to know someone in the social circle she was hanging out in. Ryan texted the man in the group to figure out whether or not she was seeing anyone.

Following this interaction, a friend told Taylor that Ryan was interested in her by sending her a note on her cell-phone, "Ryan likes you." Reportedly, Seacrest appeared to be shy, and so he sent his friends over to ask her a bunch of questions and take the hairband off her wrist like they were in the eighth grade.

Now that they've been dating for several years, the way they met is a point of reminiscence for them. Taylor admitted, however, that Seacrest, while he is a massive celebrity, he's not an artist so there isn't the same kind of allure around him.

Reported by Good Housekeeping, the outlet claims Taylor and Ryan have been a couple now for six years. Moreover, she recently moved to NYC to be with her man. Currently, Ryan is taping his television series with Kelly Ripa, Live With Kelly and Ryan, in New York City.

In February, Entertainment Tonight reported that they had actually broken up, but by the time August came around, they were spotted hanging out in Positano, Italy.

Regarding whether or not they'll get married or not, Ryan said to the outlet that he wasn't feeling the pressure to tie the knot anytime soon.

At that time, Seacrest's family was more concerned with Meredith, who had just given birth to Flora, her baby. Ryan joked with the outlet that his family was so preoccupied with his sister's pregnancy that they didn't even know he existed.

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