Raven-Symoné Reveals That She Feared Taking On A LGBTQ Role

Raven-Symoné Reveals That She Feared Taking On A LGBTQ Role
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Raven-Symoné didn't want to expose a particular side of her personality for very personal reasons, even though the actress has spent the vast majority of her life as a public figure. Fans of the actress know that she officially came out as gay 7 years ago in 2013.

BET picked up on a recent conversation that the star had over social media with one of her friends, Garcelle Beauvais, in which the That's So Raven alum shared part of her experience. The actress dished on her journey of self-acceptance.

According to the aforementioned outlet, Raven and Garcelle discussed a film they both starred in, A Girl Like Grace . Coincidentally, Raven portrayed a lesbian in it, which, as it turns out, was much closer to her real sexual orientation.

Raven admitted to her friend that, at the time, she had serious reservations about portraying a lesbian, partially because she didn't want her mother to see it. Raven says she didn't want her mom to see her kissing another woman on screen.

Moreover, because she never came to terms with who she was at the time, at least publicly, there were many "mixed emotions" regarding the role. As for what it was like to finally admit she was gay, Raven said it was very hard for her but she obviously doesn't regret it now.

According to Symoné, whenever her mom would discuss a man's sexual attractiveness, she found herself paying closer attention to the woman on screen than the man. She began to think that something was wrong with her until she finally realized who she really was.

As you may know, Raven, in 2012, addressed the rumors of her sexual orientation when she took to her Twitter account to say that her sexual proclivities were hers alone and it should matter to her only. Just one year later, Raven came out with her true identity after the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage.

At the time, Raven took to her Twitter account to say that she could finally get married, officially outing herself as a gay woman.

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