James Deen Accuser Says She's Disgusted By His Recent Awards

James Deen Accuser Says She's Disgusted By His Recent Awards
Credit: Source: Independent.co.uk

James Deen, the adult film star who was accused of sexual assault around the same time as the #MeToo allegations first started to pick up, is in the news again due to one of his accusers who say she's ashamed of what she believes is a total pass given to Deen, despite his alleged behavior.

Reported first by The Daily Beast, the outlet claims that Fires, one of the women who accused him of abuse, expected the industry to change in fundamental ways, especially in the handling of, and attitude towards sexual abuse, rape, consent, and assault.

The Daily Beast claims Fires, following her come-out story, was abused, taunted, bullied, and ostracized by the people she had worked with for years. Fires said to The Beast that the reason why he was on her "no-list" is that he raped her.

Fires accused Deen of assaulting her at the communal bathroom at Kink. She claims Deen thrust himself up against her while she was coming out of the shower and drying herself off. Following the actress' story, another woman came out with another tale of misconduct.

As a result of James' actions, she stated, she took time away from acting and instead chose to produce and direct. The star stated she hasn't performed at the same level since then. Around the time of the assault, Fires explained, she was at a high point in her career, and her rates were expensive.

Speaking with The Beast, Fires spoke on the lack of repercussions for Mr. Deen, who has since gone on to have a career in the industry, despite the repeated allegations against him.

When The Beast asked Deen for a comment, he stated that he didn't choose to pursue defamation charges because of his persona, which is tied up in his performances.

Mr. Deen claims he spoke with his lawyers and they told him it was the "sex workers' curse." Paraphrasing what Mr. Deen explained, the performer conceded there was no way for a jury of people to understand the type of life that he, and other performers, live. Moreover, James claimed the media failed to do proper research and merely "distort(ed) the facts."

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