Jahmil French - Degrassi Star Who Portrayed Dave Turner - Dies At Age 29

Jahmil French - Degrassi Star Who Portrayed Dave Turner - Dies At Age 29
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A report from Page Six today revealed that the Degrassi star, Jahmil French, has passed away at the young age of 29-years-old. On his Twitter account this Tuesday, French's friend and the executive producer of his 2019 project, Soundtrack, confirmed that he had died.

You can check out the tweet below for yourself, however, to paraphrase Mr. Safran, he stated that he could "confirm" that his co-worker and friend had died. Joshua went on to write that he only talked about his passing due to the fact the news had begun to spread on the internet and in the media.

Reportedly, Page Six reached out to Jahmil but never got a response. As most know, the actor portrayed Dave Turner on the popular Canadian drama-series, Degrassi : The Next Generation, the same show in which the Canadian superstar, Drake, got his start.

When the news of his death broke, many of his former co-stars and friends commented on it, dedicating posts to him and tweeting sweet comments about the actor. Annie Clark , on Tuesday, dedicated her post to him this week.

She posted a video of him dancing and you can check it out here:

Another star who commented on his death includes Christine Prosperi, who also appeared on the series. As it was noted above, Degrassi is more notable for providing the basis for Drake's career, who then went on to become arguably the most popular hip-hop and pop performer.

Thus far, it's not clear how French died, but some sources have stated that a drug overdose is expected, but this hasn't been confirmed nor denied either. Christina Milian, who worked on Safran's last project, Soundtrack , also commented on French's IG post. She said he would be missed.

Additionally, his Degrassi co-star, Melinda Shankar, paid tribute to the actor after his death, including a comment on how she would miss their "dance-offs" alongside a description of his character. The last thing French worked on was the aforementioned TV series, Soundtrack. The last movie he worked on was in 2019 as well, a film called Dalia.

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