Bill Cosby Urges Fans To Avoid CNN And Other Mainstream News Organizations And Support 'Black-Owned' Publications Only

Bill Cosby Urges Fans To Avoid CNN And Other Mainstream News Organizations And Support 'Black-Owned' Publications Only
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Even though Bill Cosby has been spending a lot of time in a Pennsylvania prison, the comedian/actor has still managed to stir up controversy.

An official Twitter page for Bill tweeted out a series of messages urging fans of the comedian to not support, watch, or read any of the major media giants, and instead, look for their news from "black-owned" businesses that "propel the truth."

This tweet came after the interview with Bill from the National Newspaper Publisher Association's BlackPressUSA. During the conversation, Bill claimed his sexual assault case was merely a "set-up," and he referred to the jurors as "imposters."

The actor/comedian claimed he didn't feel bad for what he supposedly didn't do. A tweet from the comedian's Twitter stated it was Black Friday, so everyone out there should work with a Black-owned newspaper instead.

Additionally, the tweet made reference to the interview conducted by the aforementioned outlet, in addition to another post bashing several major entertainment news publications, including Radar Online. The tweet read that people should no longer have to "succumb to the fear of many mainstream media outlets."

In another tweet, Bill Cosby was described as a "political prisoner," and that the entire case was a fraud. The tweet added, "yours truly, The Educator and The Political Prisoner." As it was previously reported, Mr. Cosby was sentenced to three to ten years for drugging and assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004.

It was reported by multiple outlets earlier this month that Bill Cosby felt no remorse at all for the crimes, which he believes he never committed. He claims he expected to serve the remainder of his sentence as well because he would have to admit wrong-doing to willfully gain parole.

Bill Cosby's reputation was seriously called into question back in 2014 following the viral clip featuring Hannibal Buress joking about the past allegations against Cosby.

After the clip was widely shared on social media, women began coming out with their own stories of sexual abuse. Charges were finally laid and Cosby was convicted in the second trial.

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