Bella Thorne And BF Mod Sun Are Much Closer Since She Split From Tana Mongeau - Here's Why!

Bella Thorne And BF Mod Sun Are Much Closer Since She Split From Tana Mongeau - Here's Why!
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As fans know, Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau are no longer a couple! The actress and the YouTuber reportedly put an end to their romance back in February and now, Bella and boyfriend Mod Sun are closer than they’ve ever been

During an interview last fall, Thorne revealed that she was dating both Tana and Mod Sun.

Now, in the aftermath of one of her relationships failing, the rapper has become an even bigger part of her life.

‘Bella’s still very much in love with Mod Sun, her boyfriend, they are together almost non stop. She still went through all of the breakup feelings when she and Tana split but it was made a lot easier 'cause of her relationship with Mod Sun. She loves him and they're very solid, if anything, this breakup with Tana has made them closer,’ one source shared with HollywoodLife.

Regardless, that is not to say Bella would not want to have another girlfriend too.

Earlier this month, she posted a flirty pic and asked in the caption: ‘Who wants to be my girlfriend?’

Since the actress is so open about her personal life, it is no surprise that she posted this in hopes of finding someone on social media.

Certainly, the star received a lot of DMs regarding her quest to find a beauty to date.

As for Mod Sun, the insider mentioned that he has nothing against Bella getting a girlfriend while with him, but he also doesn’t necessarily wish she did.

‘Mod Sun lets her take charge. It is not his idea to bring other girls into the mix, he's more than happy with Bella but he lets her be herself and if that means she wants a new girlfriend in their lives then he'll be supportive,’ the source explained.


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