Addison Rae Put On A Racy Display In This Sheer Dress

Addison Rae put on a racy display in recent photos that she shared on her official Instagram account. Addison has 33.5 million Instagram followers and she posted a photo slideshow showing off her gorgeous look for New Year's Day . Addison stated the following with the pictures that she shared: '2021, BRING LOTS OF FUN.' Addison certainly looked like she was ready to welcome the new year and have fun doing so. She looked amazing as she stood on the balcony of a high-rise and looked over the city.

The dress that Addison wore features sheer paneling that gives a nude effect from a distance. It almost appeared as if she was wearing thin, black panels in a diagonal pattern across her body, but the dress is simply presenting an optical illusion. The dress is called the Scarlett and it is from God Save Queens.

Addison's fans loved the dress on her and praised her for her beauty as well as wished her a new year. Many asked her to give them a shout out in her Instagram comments. Addison became famous due to her family's Tik Tok account and her fame has reached unbelievable heights. She is now close friends with Kourtney Kardashian and the two will appear in the upcoming movie She's All That . She's also filming the movie He's All That .

Addison looked gorgeous wearing the dress and she dressed her wrist with a Rolex watch. Gold earrings dropped from her earlobes as she turned her head and looked over her shoulder towards the camera.

You may see the photo that Addison Rae shared of herself wearing the Scarlet dress below.

Source: Addison Rae/Instagram

Though Addison didn't show off the full front of the dress, fans loved the look on her and clamored for details regarding the beautiful garment.

You may see the front of the dress that Addison Rae wore below.

Source: God Save Queens

What do you think about the God Save Queens Scarlett dress that Addison Rae wore? Do you like the look on her?

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