Jason Derulo And Jena Frumes Announce They Are Going To Be Parents!

Jason Derulo and Jena Frumes are super excited to be parents together! The singer […]

Posted on Mar 28, 2021 8:32 PM PDT

Jason Derulo Says The Quarantine Lockdown Changed Everything For His Career

Jason Derulo claims the quarantine lockdown has led to massive changes in his career, […]

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Jason Derulo Admits He Thought Cats Movie Would Be His Big Break

From the very first look of the Cats movie, a classic Broadway production turned […]

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Jason Derulo Comments On Trump's Plan To Ban Transactions Between TikTok Owner And US Companies

Jason Derulo is a big fan of the social media platform, TikTok. Page Six […]

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Jason Derulo Reveals How Much He Makes To Post Tik Toks And Suddenly Fans Don't Find Him Corny Anymore

Jason Derulo is the undisputed celebrity king of Tik Tok. Clearly, he boasts a […]

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Jason Derulo Eats 22 Hamburgers In Celebration Of Getting To 22 Million Tik Tok Followers

The "Talk Dirty" singer, Jason Derulo, celebrated 22 million Tik Tok followers this week […]

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Singer Jason Derulo Labeled As A Cornball By One Fan

Jason Derulo has developed somewhat of a reputation over the last few years as […]

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Jason Derulo Reveals His One Body Insecurity - His Feet

Fans of Jason Derulo know that he's not afraid to show off his body […]

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Cats Movie Gets Terrible Reviews But Jason Derulo, Taylor Swift, And Jennifer Hudson Are All Proud

The Cats movie hits theaters today. The Broadway show turned film is being hammered […]

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Jason Derulo Fights Back Against IG Filter That Removed His Overly Sexual Selfie

Jason Derulo's recent picture that sparked a wave of compliments from his fan base […]

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