Dolly Parton Fans Praise Her For Turning Down Medal Of Freedom Honor From Donald Trump Twice - Here's Why!

According to Dolly Parton, she was asked, not once but twice, to come to […]

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Is Dolly Parton Having A Lonely Christmas?

Is Dolly Parton having a lonely Christmas? Dolly Parton is synonymous with Christmas […]

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Dolly Parton Saved Her Nine-Year-Old Co-Star From Being Hit By A Car — Meet The Amazing Hill Family

Dolly Parton saved the life of her nine-year-old co-star and fans aren't surprised. […]

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Dolly Parton To Celebrate 75th Birthday With Small Party With Carl Dean

Dolly Parton is having a very busy 2020 and though it's not a […]

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Dolly Parton Is Helping The World Fight COVID-19 As She Is Named Sponsor Of New Vaccine

Dolly Parton plays an angel in the upcoming Netflix movie Christmas on the […]

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Dolly Parton Is Coming To Netflix With Movie Musical 'Christmas On The Square'

Dolly Parton is coming to Netflix with a new movie that is a […]

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Dolly Parton Dishes On Her Very Private Marriage With Longtime Husband Carl Dean - Jokes About Theories He's Made Up!

As fans know, Dolly Parton and husband Carl Dean have been together as a […]

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K Michelle Is Working With Dolly Parton And Billy Ray Cyrus For Country Album

K. Michelle revealed years ago that she's wanted to change her sound but her […]

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Dolly Parton Shows Support To The BLM Movement With Inspiring Message!

Dolly Parton is not usually a star that gets too politically vocal on her […]

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