Aaron Paul Posts Cryptic Photo With Bryan Cranston And Breaking Bad Fans Are Losing Their Minds

Aaron Paul has shared the first photo from the Breaking Bad movie, featuring his […]

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AMC Reveals They May Choose To Pull The Walking Dead Out Of Georgia If New Law Persists

According to a report from ABC News, the network behind The Walking Dead, AMC, […]

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Andrew Lincoln Will Return To 'The Walking Dead' Producers Confirm

Andrew Lincoln is no longer a part of AMC's The Walking Dead, but he […]

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Andrew Lincoln Reveals That 'The Walking Dead' Will Be Just Fine Without Him

Most shows would be hard pressed to continue strong without their main star. But […]

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'The Walking Dead' EP Opens Up About Adding 'Sons Of Anarchy' Star Ryan Hurst To Season 9

Fans were thrilled when they heard The Walking Dead had cast former Sons of […]

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'The Walking Dead' Showrunner Reveals That This Fan Theory Has Some Truth To It

Ever since The Walking Dead debuted its Season 9 trailer at San Diego Comic […]

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Chris Hardwick Returning To AMC Following The Sexual Misconduct Allegations

AMC announced they would start working with Chris Hardwick after his ex-girlfriend accused him […]

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'The Walking Dead' Star Juan Gabriel Pareja On The Shocking Return Of Morales

The Walking Dead surprised fans with a blast from the past on Sunday night. […]

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'The Walking Dead' Filming Stopped After Stunt Man Is Critically Injured

The set of The Walking Dead shut down filming after a major accident on […]

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