Zonnique Pullins Shocks Tiny Harris By Telling Audience She Is A 'First-Time Mom' In Viral Video

Zonnique Pullins Shocks Tiny Harris By Telling Audience She Is A 'First-Time Mom' In Viral Video
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Leave it to Zonnique Pullins to freak out Tiny Harris by talking about her first pregnancy and her plans to become a mother.

Not that long ago, Zonnique took to social media to tell her fans to stop focusing on Kylie Jenner's baby girl, Stormi, because she also wanted to announce that she was pregnant.

So, of course, fans wanted to know if like Bernice Burgos, Tiny was about to become a young and very hot granny.

While appearing on The Real , the co-hosts made sure to grill Zonnique on her baby news.

Adrienne Houghton asked: "You announced on Instagram that you were pregnant, is that true?"

Zonnique explained: "I did, I had a child his name is Whiskey, he is a puppy, for everyone not to be confused.

She went on to say: "He is a Pomeranian; he is so cute. The smallest dog you will ever see. He weighs about a pound and will get to four pounds."

When asked how it is like being a mom, Zonnique stated: "Well, being a mom, my life has changed it is time-consuming, I feel so bad about leaving him alone. So I am looking for godparents to babysit him."

During the entire exchange, Tiny is seen panicking, shaking her head as her oldest child spoke about motherhood.

Tiny made it clear that she is not yet ready to be a granny and Zonnique reassured her by saying that she is not in a rush to have a child because she wants to focus on her career.

On social media, Zonnique revealed: "While Y'all been waiting to hear from Kylie, ya missed my whole pregnancy meet Whiskey; we’re looking for loyal God parents who will babysit whenever lol @ladieslovewhiskey."

One fan had this to say: "This is the most humble young lady. Yeah her parents are famous, but I never see or hear of her throwing their names around just because they are famous. Good job Tiny and TI for raising a beautiful young lady. Yes her eyelashes are beautiful they go with the rest of her.Tiny you were right this was an awesome picture she told you to see the beauty she has shining through the inner beauty makes the outer beauty."

Another stated: "Why is your husband following Bernice Burgos? I thought that was Over. Don't be weak as being a Mom, Wife,& Woman. Think about it. Every time I see them together I think about the interview with Wendy when tiny said she told nique to let her do the eye surgery first and see if she go blind first before nique decided to do it. Lol! @majorgirl so real and funny and I love her for that."

Those two are cute.

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