Zonnique Pullins Shares Her Secret For A Gorgeous Hair - Watch Her Video Here

Zonnique Pullins Shares Her Secret For A Gorgeous Hair - Watch Her Video Here
Credit: BET

Zonnique Pullins' curly hair is truly loved by her fans and now, she decided to let them know what products she has been using. Check out the video that she shared on her social media account.

Zonnique captioned her video with the following words: 'For the past couple of months I have been incorporating this natural growth oil from @nbhairboutique into my hair regimen and let me tell you, the results are REAL 👏🏾👏🏾remember when I cut my hair short?!! It’s finally growing back! Check out @nbhairboutique and get you a bottle. This oil is 🙌🏾'

Zonnique continued and said: 'I get all my nose rings from Kolos guys a store in Atlanta'

She also told her fans: 'I use Aveeno pads on my face (not every day) they’re discontinued but you can still find them sometimes in CVS Walgreens or target..you just gotta find them..they’re the BEST..plus a lil moisturizer after of course.'

A sad fan told Zonnique this: 'the only time you talk to us is when you’re promoting somebody luv 😭😭 what’s up with that'

Another commenter said: 'I used to use their butter and my hair was growingggg 😍 then I cut it like a dummy. 🥴'

Someone else posted: '@zonniquejailee you need a nose ring collection since everyone is always asking you where you get yours from.'

Not too long ago, Zonnique had a listening party , and her mom, Tiny Harris, shared her gratitude to all the people who attended the event.

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