Zonnique Pullins Shares Another Silk Selfie Series - Fans Keep Guessing She's Pregnant

Zonnique Pullins Shares Another Silk Selfie Series - Fans Keep Guessing She's Pregnant
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Zonnique Pullins flaunted her pink braids in the latest photo session which she called the silk selfie series. She's asking fans whether she should take down her braids, but what most of them are thinking of is the same old supposition: that she's pregnant and she hides it.

'Another silk selfie series🌸 robe: @fashionnova ....should I take my braids down tonight?' she captioned the post which includes more pics.

Someone said 'So cute I love the braids on you😍 but yeah I think it’s about that time - that was already your plan anyway 💀💀.'

Another follower posted 'You are definitely pregnant because you have that specific glow on, sis!' After this comment, more fans agreed and kept guessing in the comments section.

One commenter said 'But yes take it down I feel like you’re going to do it anyways 😂'

A fan gushed over Zonnique and said 'Love them like your mom said, no matter what hairstyle you're beautiful.'

A supporter also thinks she should take the braids down: 'Yes. Are u going to get them Braided again??? Braids are so easy. Except for the process of sitting through getting them done. I've decided I'm going to stick with it for a while.'

Zonnique has been recently in the news after posting some controversial pics with her BF Bandhunta Izzy.

She said that they haven’t been high school sweethearts and that’s why they decided to make their own history.

But Zonnique was giving people the finger on one pic, and more followers got upset and said that they would unfollow her for the inappropriate gesture .

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    jacob Apr 24, 2019 6:15 AM PDT

    Cute and hot...

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