Zonnique Pullins Promotes T.I.'s 'ExpediTIously' Podcast

Zonnique Pullins Promotes T.I.'s 'ExpediTIously' Podcast
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Zonnique Pullins shared a post on her social media account in which she's promoting her stepdad's podcast, ExpediTIously. The post includes two pics in which Zonnique is wearing a hoodie, which has the name of Tip's podcast on. Check out the pics below.

People praised her in the comments and also brought up the new music that she released not too long ago.

Tiny Harris, Zonnique's mother, also made sure to promote her daughter's music, and she made fans really happy when she revealed it.

Zonnique dropped some new music for Valentine’s Day. Here’s what she told her fans:

‘My Valentine’s Day treat to you guys! 4 of my favorite love songs ever made raw and unmixed🤎 on my SoundCloud now “Zonnique” hope you enjoy! happy early love day❤️

Someone told Zonnique: 'I Love the hoodie 😍😍do y’all sell them? Genuinely beautiful as always @zonniquejailee,' and another follower posted this: 'I have yet to see a Pisces that's not a BEAUTIFUL person inside and out😩... We're winning.'

One other commenter said: 'Yes Pisces gang we the best point blank period ♓♓♓♓🔥🔥🔥 @zonniquejailee my birthday this Tuesday.'

Someone else said: 'The older you get the more you look like you dad @zonniquejailee,' and a commented brought up the new music that Zonnique released: '@zonniquejailee been listening to ya music all day yesss gurl has to add to the playlist✨'

Zonnique made her fans happy not too long ago once again when she shared some throwback pics .

The young lady hasn’t been posting that much lately and that’s why her followers are happy to see her recent posts.

Tiny quickly hopped in the comments section to tell Zonnique that she loves everything that she shared and people responded to Tiny and old her that Zonnique gets her beauty from her.

Tip and Tiny's daughter is living her best life these days together with her boyfriend and family.


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