Zonnique Pullins' New Blue Hair Has Fans In Awe

Zonnique Pullins' New Blue Hair Has Fans In Awe

Zonnique Pullins did it again. She changed her look and she's now proudly flaunting a blue bob. Her fans and followers are in awe, seeing this great hairdo and color on her.

Tiny Harris' daughter had a whole photo session to flaunt this new look and her followers are here for it.

Someone told Zonnique 'You literally did not have to snap like this. You are so gorgeous😍😭.'

Another fan posted 'Girl that makeup is flawless 😍😘💙 U look adorbz as always...duh!!'

Someone else wrote 'Thought you cut your hair again for a second I was cussing you out in my head.'

A commenter said 'I was just singing “Should’ve Been” in my head when I saw this post. YES DARLING😍😍😍'

A follower brought up a cute video with Zonnique's sister, Heiress Harris: 'Your video with Heiress playing restaurant was HILARIOUS! You two are so ADORABLE...💕💕'

Just in case you didn't know, Zonnique recently took to social media and she posted a sweet video where she is having the sweetest exchange with Heiress.

Nique was playing pretends with the 3-year-old cutie pie who orders a ton of food for herself and her imaginary friend.

In other news, Tiny Harris could not be prouder of her daughter. The young lady’s fans have been asking her to drop some new music, and they are finally getting what they’ve been wanting.

Tiny shared a video on her social media account, making fans happy with the caption .

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