Zonnique Pullins Enjoys Brunch With Her Bae, Bandhunta Izzy

Zonnique Pullins Enjoys Brunch With Her Bae, Bandhunta Izzy
Credit: BET

Zonnique Pullins recently shared a photo that's been reportedly taken by her boo, Bandhunta Izzy. It seems that the couple enjoyed brunch together, and Tiny Harris' daughter also shared a photo on social media.

'brunch with bae....literally he took this picture lol pink set: @fashionnova' Zonnique captioned her post.

Somoene said: 'So girl next door with her own swag, humble, don’t flaunt her body but has a really nice body, I’m really proud of her and her attitude is really laidback. She has confidence, loving with her family such a beautiful young lady !wish more were like her! Tiny and T.I. you guys did a great job with her, your kids period!

A follower posted: 'Hey lil sis...😍u looking good.. I hope all is well. Something made me comment tho I never really comment on your page. Just know u can do anything... I've been anxiety ridden lately so I decided to send some positivity to you... It's like an opposite thing I've been working on. Trynna mind fu$# myself I guess. It works sometimes😂 lol Keep shinin🙏'

One fan wrote: 'I love that you are so Classy and beautiful and know that you don't have to show everything 🔥🙌👏'

Not too long ago, Zonnique had an exciting message for her fans on social media. She is doing a huge Cash App giveaway which seems really interesting to some of her fans.


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