Zonnique Pullins Breaks The Internet With These Vacay Pics - See Her Figure Three Months Post Partum

Zonnique Pullins Breaks The Internet With These Vacay Pics - See Her Figure Three Months Post Partum
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Zonnique Pullins broke the Internet with some recent vacay pics. Check out her figure three months after she gave birth.

'this what having a baby 3 months ago look like, twentyfine👅 Happy Birthday to Me 03/20' Zonnique captioned her post.

Someone said: 'Happy Birthday Beautiful!!!! 😍' and another follower said: 'Okayyyy, mama!!!!! Tootie did you well 😍', and one other commenter said: '8 months later and I still couldn’t achieve this.'

A fan said: 'Happy Birthday nique hope it’s a good one for you!!' and one other follower said: '😍 unique, next time we going to need some sort of warning before you post😫 too fine.'

Someone said: 'We have the same birthday 😍 badass Pisces 🎉,' and another follower said: 'Yes, Happy Birthday to you Queen @zonniquejailee, it’s still your birthday month.'

A follower posted this: 'Hope you're having a great Birthday.'

In other recent news, T.I. celebrated the birthday of his daughter, Zonnique Pullins   . Check out the post that he shared on his social media account for her birthday.

'Our babygirl turns 25 today!!!! It's an honor and a blessing to be able to watch you grow into the beautiful, talented, genuine woman & devoted mother you've become. You've always had a silent strength and effortless energy that's like half unbothered & half idgaf 😎 I love you unconditionally dear. Got you 4LIFE no matter what my dear love. Enjoy your day sweetheart. I'm extremely proud to be your "Pops"‼️ @zonniquejailee' he wrote, turning off the comments section.

Tiny Harris   flaunted a new video on her social media account in which she praises her daughter,  Zonnique Pullins   . Check out the post.


'Still celebrating my LuvBug @zonniquejailee she 25 now & I couldn’t be more proud of the woman she is!! This video however is bittersweet just hearing my lil bro @chezdaking speak & listening to the music him & @maxluxwc & Niq created..😢 Fool Not To Love You.. still one of my favs‼️ #Zonnique25 #RIPChez🕊 👑💙' and someone else said.

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