Zonnique Pullins' Boyfriend Bandhunta Izzy Is Now A Model -- See The Picture That Has Tiny Harris Fans Talking

Zonnique Pullins' Boyfriend Bandhunta Izzy Is Now A Model -- See The Picture That Has Tiny Harris Fans Talking
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Zonnique Pullins has a new reason to be proud of her boyfriend, Bandhunta Izzy -- he has landed a new gig -- he is now model.

Tiny Harris' daughter, Zonnique, is currently in Montego Bay, Jamaica with her boo where she is celebrating her 23rd birthday.

While on the tropical island, Bandhunta Izzy took part in a photo shoot where he showed off a pair of comfortable pants.

Fans are applauding T.I.'s stepdaughter for keeping her life private and avoid getting in trouble.

One fan told the young singer and dancer: "They seem like a cute, chill couple that wants to stay out of trouble! She looks so much like her Mom. So pretty! I love her and all her siblings. They are all so respectful and well mannered. Tip & Tiny did a great job with all of them."

This supporter revealed to T.I.P. and Tiny's baby girl: "He looks like a light skinned Fetty Wap. No shade at all. They look just alike, and they’re cute together 😍😍😍😍I love her @majorgirl raised a beautiful, classy boss queen, just like herself. ❤️❤️💯"

Another commenter claimed: "And love how she carries herself!! @majorgirl did an awesome job 👏👏👏at least with this young lady. She carry herself very well. She also has been traveling the world all her life. Lol and she’s been grown, but she’s so respectable and acted like a child should for so long. Nobody realized how old she had ever gotten."

This person stated: "Sir, you are jumping out your body saying "y'all." I don't follow her life or career to "cancel" her. You called her unproblematic, and I'm just pointing out that she has indeed been accused of being such. Didn't mean to hurt your feelings."

Tiny recently wished her daughter a happy birthday with a sweet message that read: "Where it all started! I didn’t know how Blessed I really was, carrying a baby that would grow to be as perfect as you are! You’ve made me the proudest mother ever! Happy 23rd birthday to my Gorgeous child @zonniquejailee Thank you for being better than me as a teenager! I know I might not be this lucky wit u know who😏 hope you’re having the best day ever without ya mama!! 🤪 Always & Forever My 1st."

Zonnique is radiant.


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