Zonnique Pullins Asks Mom Tiny Harris To Stop Posting Her 'Ugly' Photos On Social Media

Zonnique Pullins Asks Mom Tiny Harris To Stop Posting Her 'Ugly' Photos On Social Media
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A debate over an ugly picture is what is currently going on between Tiny Harris and her daughter, Zonnique Pullins.

Like many proud mothers, Tiny loves sharing pictures of all of her seven children.

Earlier today, she took to Instagram where he unveiled a new picture of her 21-year-old daughter Zonnique.

The photo was taken at an awards show, and it features the young singer-songwriter with beautiful hair and perfect makeup smiling at the camera.

As always, T.I.'s wife showed love and support for her oldest child.

She wrote: "Wow! That face... My morning inspiration @zonniquejailee #AMothersLove #Mine #1stBornATrueBeauty."

Within minutes, Zonnique was in the comment section telling her mother to please stop posting ugly pictures.

The "Cool Kids" and "Can't Trust Em" singer went on to say that some of the photos she posts on social media are not beautiful.

Niq stated: "Lol, thanks, mom, this is an ugly picture though, you stay posting, the bad pics thinking they cute."

Fans defended Tiny by letting Zonnique know that her parents love to share ugly pictures of their children and one day when she is a mom, she will do the same.

Others told Zonnique she is pure perfection -- talented, pretty and humble -- and is not capable of taking an ugly photo.

One person said: "As parents, we know none of our kid's pics are ugly. We carried yall for nine months, know yall heartbeats and cries. Yall are beautiful in our eyes.I feel u but just know hunni you or ya mommy can even take a bad pic you ladies are photogenic on your worst day you guys rock effortlessly."

Another commenter jokingly revealed: "Lol. My mom does this to me all of the time. One time I reported her offensive/ bullying. If you think this is a bad pic, you should see my bad pics. SmH.lol. Girl this pic is gorgeous to your mom and everyone else seeing this pic. Look at the number of ppl tagging you on how we like this pic. You know IG keeps it."

A third individual showered both Zonnique and Tiny with kind words by writing: "My mom used to love the ugliest pictures of me also.Zonnique is very pretty & seems genuine down to earth. Know she's grown, but she has the cutest face and the cutest Lil way to herself!!!! Great young lady. Young Queen, Y’all did an Excellent Job Raising Her!! My daughter be telling me the same thing @majorgirl what's wrong with them? That's a beautiful picture @zonniquejailee. But that's how mothers are!!!. My mom does this to me all time."

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  • amberT
    amberT Feb 28, 2018 11:03 AM PST

    They raised Niq Niq well. Tiny should be proud of her beautiful baby girl.

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