Zonnique Pullins Answers Some Tricky Questions About Her Mom, Tiny Harris

Zonnique Pullins Answers Some Tricky Questions About Her Mom, Tiny Harris
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Zonnique Pullins was asked some tricky questions about Tiny Harris . Check out if she knew the right answers in the video below.

'do not play with me about my mommy, thanks in advance,' Zonnique captioned her post.

Someone said: 'She knows her mother very well, thank you now bye 😭🤣' and another follower posted this message: 'Now I'm wondering if I know my mom as well as I should😂!! Man you did this thing.'

Another follower posted this: 'This was cute. You’re glowing, by the way,' and one other fan said: 'You’re looking more like your mom the older you get I love it.'

A fan said: '@zonniquejailee what do you put in your hair when you wear it natural cause you hair be looking so hydrated and shiny,' and someone else posted this: 'Aww nique nique and her momma love their bond 😍😍😍so much.'

Someone else said: 'So that how you think alike do I look good you do.'

Other than this, Zonnique made sure to declare her love for Tiny's mom as well on social media not too long ago,

Zonnique Pullins celebrated her grandma’s birthday and she made sure to mark the event on her social media account as well. Check out the message that she posted for  Tiny Harris ‘ mom, Diane Cottle Pope.

‘Happy Birthday, Mamaw! I’ll spare everybody my long paragraph of how in love I am with you, I think they get it..and I KNOW you know💘💕’ Zonnique posted.

Lots of fans flooded the comments section with love and kind thoughts for Zonnique's grandma and the whole family.

As you know by now, Zonnique is pregnant and the proud dad will be Bandhunta Izzy.


These two have been together for a while now and fans could not be happier for them and they always make sure to tell her this.

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