Zonnique Pullins And 'Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta' Co-Star Reginae Carter Shares Their Sexy Photos From Coachella

Zonnique Pullins And 'Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta' Co-Star Reginae Carter Shares Their Sexy Photos From Coachella
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Besties Reginae Carter and singer Zonnique Pullins are living their best lives while at Coachella but they are also causing drama with their unique and risqué fashion choices.

For the past few days, the daughter of Lil Wayne and T.I.'s baby girl have been catching the much-talked-about concerts.

The young stars of Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta shared a cute clip where they were singing and dancing to queen Beyonce who headlined and killed the festival.

Monday, the young ladies shared photos of their sexiest outfits yet while attending the event.

Reginae wore a sexy bra and shorts, and Zonnique went for a tight dress.

She captioned the photos: "Face so pretty, b*tches wish they could slice me. Im in my PRIME, Optimus. Sagittarius so you know imma optimist.

One supporter had this to explain: "Bish please, NAE u pretty and Lucci her man Deal wit it them bragging and Bosing in the Bible Don't let disrespectful ppl. I have 4 Beautiful Daughters they Ain't rich but there Blessed. Beautiful Young Lady's Enjoy life we only Get One Peace Love And soul..."

Another commenter claimed: "Deadass thought this was Toya before I clicked the picture. Zonique and Nae look great, leave them alone. People hate what they don't understand smh, y'all probably couldn't even afford to go to Coachella. And yeah look at the pics of the rich and famous and critique them with them dirty ass houses y'all probably in, probably late on the rent, probably can't get a dime from ya baby daddies but ya pressed asses judging these beauties. Hate on haters. Rather you know it, or nah you do have a place in life."

A third fan said the clothes look like they are from Goodwill and added: "I know y’all outfits cost more then mine but Y'all look f2ckin terrible, they from goodwill or something?. Do better. I was rooting for y’all, but you can not slay in those dresses. But I find you two So Cute, Love the way you girls carry yourselves and stick together, like sisters, keep up the awesome work! Lil Wayne’s daughter and Ti daughter.I love y’all genuine friendship! (More like sisters) god, bless!"

Zonnique and Reginae are close as ever.

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