Zoey Deutch Says She Had The Coronavirus Before The COVID-19 Lockdown

Zoey Deutch Says She Had The Coronavirus Before The COVID-19 Lockdown
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There's no question that the coronavirus rocked the world. Following its arrival onto the North American continent, both the United States and Canada had to lock down businesses, schools, and begin a new phase of what's been dubbed, "social distancing."

However, many people still caught COVID-19, the highly contagious respiratory virus. While the virus is mostly a risk to those with pre-existing conditions and the elderly, younger people could get it as well, and Zoey Deutch was one of them.

According to Page Six, Zoey released an essay for Vulture recently in which the 25-year-old actress said she felt guilty about recovering from it. In the op-ed, the actress said that people asked her where she got it from, but she didn't know.

"I'm okay now," Deutch added, before going on to say that she felt "guilty" for the fact that she was able to get better. Additionally, she says she was quarantining long before the official lockdowns actually began, mostly as a consequence of her self-described "neuroses."

The Politician alum urged American citizens to wear masks as a way of thwarting the spread of COVID-19 as American states continue re-opening. She claims that while she's healthy, not everyone out there has access to doctors and other medical professionals.

In other words, she says wearing a mask is a way of protecting those who are less fortunate. Furthermore, Deutch revealed how she spent much of her time in self-isolation. The actress says she binge-watched the legendary TV series, The Sopranos , and also spent a lot of time cooking.

Moreover, Deutch says she felt strongly toward the internet beef between Chrissy Teigen and Alison Roman, for which the latter had her New York Times column removed in the ensuing media controversy. She says nobody asked her about it, but she felt "distraught over it."

As it was previously reported, Roman sparked controversy in the media when she blasted Chrissy Teigen in the press for creating a food empire. Later, Chrissy officially responded by saying she was hurt by her comments, and Alison apologized.

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