Zoe Saldana Claims Disney Did The Right Thing By Rehiring James Gunn For Next "Guardians" Movie

Zoe Saldana Claims Disney Did The Right Thing By Rehiring James Gunn For Next "Guardians" Movie
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Zoe Saldana, one of the leading protagonists in James Gunn's Guardians Of The Galaxy, is excited to see that Gunn will be back in the director's chair following his controversial firing for making repeated child molestation and pedophiliac jokes on Twitter.

In 2018, James was booted from the comic book movie after a collection of his past tweets had surfaced online, sparking moral condemnation from social media and a quick decision from the film studio. In a statement, Disney said they had no choice but to distance themselves from Mr. Gunn.

Last July, Gunn lost his job for making pedophiliac jokes approximately ten years ago. Much of the tweets were bizarre, like suggestions for young boys to have sex with each other and other strange remarks. After several different meetings, the organization chose to hire James back.

During an interview with Variety on Sunday morning, Saldana said to the outlet that she was "proud" of Disney execs who chose to rehire him. Zoe is just one among a huge list of cast members, including Timothy Olyphant, Zach Galifianakis, Hugh Jackman, and many others, who were pleased to see him back.

Saldana stated Disney was in a difficult situation, because they had to do what seemed to be the right thing to legitimize the complaints made by women in the era of sexual assault allegations, but later, they realized they were wrong and rescinded on that decision. According to her, it took courage to rescind on their previous choice.

In a statement at the time at which he lost his job, Mr. Gunn said his tweets were jokes he really regretted. However, he has changed since then and no longer makes such innuendo, especially related to children.

He explained his actions as trying to be a provocateur. Reportedly, the conservative provocateur, Mike Cernovich, collected years of tweets from Mr. Gunn and sent it to a media organization who then published them, costing Mr. Gunn his job.


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