Zoe Kravitz Covers British Vogue; Talks About Being The Child Of Famous Parents

Zoe Kravitz Covers British Vogue; Talks About Being The Child Of Famous Parents

Zoe Kravitz covers the October issue of British Vogue and opens up about being the child of superstar parents. The first born, and only shared child, of rock star Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet, knows how famous and recognizable her parents are.

In the interview, she talks about being fiercely protective of her mother and father. She learned from a very young age that they had what other people wanted which made her sometimes suspicious of other's intentions.

She recalls understanding early on not to be too trusting because there can often be ulterior motives attached to someone's presence.

She says this is especially the case with her rocker dad as he's incredibly generous and open to everyone. But sometimes people can take advantage of those positive qualities in really mean and unnecessary ways.

"As a small person, I built a lot of walls. I was the tiny gatekeeper," she explains. "That probably came from trying to protect my parents."

As is the case with many offspring of famous parents, when she entered into the entertainment industry, some assumed it was nepotism at work. But she's clear about the importance of working hard for what she wants and at improving her craft all the time.

Some people do just count on their last name to get them where they want to go or to land a specific job they've been eyeing. Kravitz has always felt like she wanted to get there on her own merits.

During the interview, she also mentioned the state of the world and the political climate. She, like so many others, is completely appalled and stupified by the current political climate.

She talks about how dark and unreal much of reality feels in light of a Trump presidency. "It's not funny, but you almost have to laugh. I just called my mum and we were talking about Trump firing the head of the FBI, and we both started laughing."

Even celebrities understand the tenuous aspects of being human. Sometimes we laugh just to keep from crying.

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