Zeus Network Disputes Claims That They Have Not Paid Tokyo Toni -- Provides Proof Of Multiple Checks!

Zeus Network Disputes Claims That They Have Not Paid Tokyo Toni -- Provides Proof Of Multiple Checks!
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Zeus Network is responding to Tokyo Toni's multiple posts claiming that she has not been paid. The streaming service provided proof that they have written her multiple checks.

The Neighborhood Talk was one of the first blogs that reported Tokyo's uploads about not getting paid for her appearances on The Real Blac Chyna or Tokyo Toni Finds Love ASAP.

The reality star also claimed that she received no PR or promo , and did her own hair and makeup to be on the series.

The mother of one posted a message o Instagram accompanied by a caption that read, in part: 'Unfortunately I cannot come up there because I don’t have all the money to put down on my house. I have my check but it’s not enough. I waited all my money for 14 days and it’s a blank!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not leaving California until I get my check!!!! @shiftdanightchild please do not advertise for Zeus anymore thank you!!!! This was very embarrassing to say the least.'


She followed it with multiple posts bashing the network and the LA culture in general.

Well, the same blog who broke the story contacted Zeus who produced a multitude of receipts including checks that were made out to Shalana Hunter aka Tokyo Toni.

They also told the blog: 'Tokyo has received tens of thousands of dollars of checks over the last few months. The network also helped pay for her living expenses and transportation including cutting her a check to get back to DC a couple of weeks ago but she decided to stay here in LA.'

Zeus has been breaking through to mainstream media with their breakout his The Real Blac Chyna and Tokyo Toni Finds Love ASAP. They are set to add a show called Joseline's Cabaret starring Joseline Hernandez early next year.

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  • Roland
    Roland Dec 1, 2019 6:20 PM PST

    Zeus should have never gave Tokyo Toni a platform. 50 years old and unstable, poor character, has no type of class, just straight gutter! I've never seen a women so old behave like her. An embarrassment and reject for all thinking people. Low level thinker, she is. Who is her audience? She's known in D.C. for sleeping with drug dealers and was never a good mother. A hood rat! Being married five times says a lot about who she is. If she bashes her own daughter and puts her own daughter's business out to the world, what did Zeus expect? She has called her own daughter the worst names. Tokyo Toni is a low-life, period! Please. I'm tired of reading about the geriatric uneducated hood rat that's trying to make a come-up by embarrassing her daughter and slandering Zeus. She blew through her money, period! Word on the streets is because she's a drug addict. Get it, got it, gone. It's so obvious! Doesn't take a rocket scientist to look at her behaviors.

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