Zendaya - Unpleasant racist incident or coincidence?

Zendaya - Unpleasant racist incident or coincidence?

On Tuesday, September 6, Zendaya's fans were quite disappointed to find out an enraging story about the fact that she was denied service. The actress from Spider-Man: Homecoming explained that she and a friend headed to the Vons grocery store. Nothing unusual until here, right? However, she went on saying that she had a conflict with the sales clerk regarding her purchases that valued $400.

The story was continued on Snapchat and the artist made a comment that enraged not only her fans, but lots of communities. She said that the lady who was supposed to help them did not like them because of their skin tone. At this point in the video, Zendaya also pointed the camera towards her friend who had accompanied her to the store, thus showing that her friend wasn't white either.


As it seems, Zendaya just intended to buy some gift cards, but she was denied the service, being told that she can't buy them. The star interpreted it as a discrimination act and as an assumption that she and her friend did not afford to buy them. Then, according to her story, the store clerk threw the wallet at her while the card was loose, which was seen as rude both by Zendaya and her friend and by her fans.

However, the end of the video brought a quite happy ending, since Zendaya gave a shoutout to the manager of the store, who helped her get the gift cards she wanted to have. The fans were not that happy though after hearing about this incident and the Internet was filled with comments. Many expressed their shock at the idea that anyone could do such a nasty thing, while others were sure that the clerk had no idea who she was and was not familiar with neither of her TV shows, covergirl campaign, shoe line or Lemonade.


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